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You need a stronger intro. Como que is too direct. The case of an infant’s death began in 2012, when Vickie Sorensen was convicted because of her connection to the death of a premature twin. Vickie delivered the baby, but she was unsuccessful in keeping him alive. She was officially arrested in 2014, but her sentencing took place in January of 2017. The midwife, Vickie Sorensen, should be prosecuted because she refused to take the mother to the hospital, she was unprepared, and she was working without a medical license. The first reason is that Vickie Sorensen dispensed the idea of taking the mother to the hospital after she had been warned how risky the situation was. The baby was about 33 weeks when the mother started having…show more content…
15). Vickie Sorensen rashly applied a substance down the baby’s throat while Sorensen’s daughter sought an oxygen bottle. The first oxygen bottle was broken consequently Camille Wilcox ran to find another bottle. Sorensen was going to use a suction device, ‘“However, Bleak said, the grandmother stated that the device was too large to accomplish suction on a newborn”’ (Scott, par. 18). In the end, they could not find any equipment to help the struggling baby. The twin’s grandmother, a pediatric nurse, said, “she was shocked by Sorensen’s lack of equipment and preparation and said she believed that, with proper equipment, she could have kept the baby boy alive” (Scott, par. 20). Additionally, Sorensen was seen “using a technique that was 12 years out of date” (Alberty, par. 17). This was reported by a medic after a call was made to 911, and an ambulance arrived to the scene. The baby boy was reported dead once the mother was transported to an actual hospital (Scott). Furthermore, Vickie Sorensen did not have a medical license to practice. The first step in suing a doctor, everyone must take them up against the licensure board; however, Sorensen did not have one. Clearly her actions matched those of an unlicensed nurse. Midwives are a little different since they rely on years of experiences rather than actual medical
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