You Re The Voice Analysis

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Audience can be influenced by a variety of types of text. These include song, cartoon and speech. Each text can demonstrate a variety of persuasives techniques, such as repetition, emotive language and alliteration. Evidence of text can be found in “You’re the Voice” by John Farnham. The Sorry speech presented by Kevin Rudd. And the political cartoon by Clifton Evers, depicting refuges. Each of these text type employs a method, uses language and persuasives techniques and presents themes to their target audience.
Texts take the forms of numerous methods such as song, speech and graphics, each producing meaning. John Farnham’s piece “You’re the Voice” is an example of text as song. The effectiveness of this text is the use of lyrics and instrumentation
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The song ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham is a very simple piece of text, the words are similar to poetry but instead of poetry are written as lyrics, the lyrics are passionate and emotive. The tone is a call to action like a challenge. The audience varies quite a lot and is written to the general public saying how we can all change the things going on in the world. The sorry speech has similar language to the type used within the song ‘You’re the voice.’ However the speech is written in a rather complex manner. The language used within the cartoon is very simple and limited. The words are written in a cartoon with a sort of conversation going on between a few people. The tone was written in a sort of sarcastic way and is open for many interpretations. The audience for this cartoon would be for adults and young adults as it is a political cartoon and they are the main age group that get a say in what happens in the politics. The speech was written in a very serious and apologetic tone. This speech’s audience was set at the indigenous people as that is who Kevin Rudd was saying sorry to. Language is absolutely significant in having influence but is not necessarily critical in the art of…show more content…
There were multiple persuasive techniques used within the different speeches such as repetition, emotive language, rhetorical questions, issues and many more. To draw the listener into the song ‘You’re the voice’ John Farnham used many different persuasive techniques throughout the piece of music. For example the title of the song ‘You’re the voice’ is repeated multiple times throughout the song, helping get it’s point across and getting that exact message in your head using repetition, to help get the songs point across it uses multiple techniques, another technique found within the song is where it uses different issues to get its point across, the song ‘You’re the voice’ is focusing on the issue of the wars and silly things going on, using the issues within the song draws people in and serves a way of getting people to help stand up for what is right. However the cartoons persuasive techniques were very limited due to fact that it was just a picture with a few words, the cartoon can be found slightly similar to the song as it has the use of repetition within the cartoon, this is evident in the second speech bubble where the word ‘but’ is repeated multiple times, also like the song the cartoon uses issues we face in this day and age within it to help get its put across, the cartoon is using the issue of sending away the boat people and how we need to fix it. The sorry speech just
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