You Tube Video Marketing Has Changed Dramatically Over The Years

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You Tube video marketing has changed significantly over the years. One recent significant change is the merge between TrueView and AdWords for video. Before we look at the merger and how it will affect video marketing, let us briefly look at each of these concepts:
This is an advertising format for You Tube videos. You only get to pay only if a viewer watches your video. You are therefore able to reach a targeted audience. Two TrueView formats are available: in-stream and in-display.
These ads play before a video. They can also play when another video is playing. The viewers can choose to skip the ad after 5 seconds. If they watch for 30 seconds or more, you pay for the ad.
These ads are among other videos on You Tube. They can also be found on You Tube search pages, or even on websites on the Google Display Network. You only pay when a viewer chooses to watch the video, that is, when they click on the ad.
Google AdWords for video
This marketing format allows for the displaying of video ads in You Tube search results, before, during, and after videos have played on You Tube or on the Google Display Network. Unlike traditional AdWord campaigns, you use demographic targeting, which helps you reach your target audience.
The two You Tube video marketing formats, TrueView and AdWords for video, seem to be similar at face value. This is because to create and even manage TrueView video campaigns, you had to access a special section within AdWords
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