You Ve Got A Friend In Me: Song Analysis

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“You’ve got a friend in me,” Randy Newman says in his famously known song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” that makes its appearance on Toy Story. The song indicates that no matter how far apart you are from a loved one, you will always have them by your side. I believe that true friendship has no distance. On October 22, 2016, I had gone to Altitude Trampoline Park with some friends; we started doing jumps and flips, on one of those I didn’t land as I should’ve; I fell on my head. Several days later I had to go to the doctor because I had been having a sore neck and difficulty breathing. Once I went to the doctor, they had told me I had ruptured three vertebrae during my collapse; he assigned me to bed rest for about three weeks; I was told not to go to school, practice, or any other place where I might make a wrong move and damage my neck more. In those three weeks, I had little to no contact with my friends; the only way…show more content…
Miley was an average girl by day and superstar by night; the only thing that separated the two was her widely known blonde wig. Lilly was in shock, to say the least, as she found out her best friend was also her favorite celebrity; however most people would jump from the merriment, she, on the other hand, stood there in astonishment. She was upset that her own best friend didn’t trust her with her biggest secret. Their friendship was put on hold for a couple of days until Lilly knew what to do. Lilly went to Miley’s house and discussed their point of views in their situation. The best friends solved the problem as any best friends would do; Lilly promised to keep Miley’s secret a secret, and Miley promised to never keep anything from Lilly ever again. Lilly and Miley proved that even the deepest darkest secrets are not something that had to be kept from each other; they’re things that have to be shared to have a well-balanced
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