You Wake Up In The Morning. You’Re Thirsty So You Decide

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You wake up in the morning. You’re thirsty so you decide to get a glass of water. You grab your cup and you head over to the tap, once you turn it on however you are shocked to see the the water coming out of your tap doesn’t look how it’s supposed to. Water is supposed to be clear but yours is a yellowish brown color. You aren’t sure what the problem is but you know that the water doesn’t look like something you should be drinking. Little did you know it’s not just the water in your faucet that is contaminated but that water is also what is coming through your showerhead as well. What I just described is exactly what the residents in Flint, Michigan have been dealing with since 2014. Lead has contaminated water throughout the city and put…show more content…
Despite the health risk they pose there are literally millions upon millions of these pipes delivering water into homes. Lead in water is very dangerous period. This is the reason that the EPA has set the max contaminant level goal to zero. Even when exposed at low levels, lead can still cause health effects. Adults aren’t the only ones at risk to exposure to lead water. Children are especially at risk. They can show effects from lead contamination at much lower levels than adults. Ranging from things like behavior and learning problems, hearing problems, lower IQ’s and in the worst case scenarios it can even lead to comas and death. Despite the health issues that they can cause there are still lead pipes spanning throughout the United States. They have composed a vast majority of our water systems dating back centuries. In the 1900’s organizations began pushing for lead pipes to be used in water systems. Despite the fact lead was the more expensive metal when compared to iron, it was popular due to the fact that it lasted longer than iron did and it was easier to bend around structures giving it more versatility in where it could be used. The downside is when these pipes begin to corrode somewhat. When that happens they start to leak lead into the water running through it. The risk of these pipes are very real

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