You Want A Drink Of Water Or Something?

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"Do you want a drink of water or something?" I asked once we had reached the inside. "Sure." He shrugged as I bent down to untie my boots. I loosened my left laces slipping off the wet shoe and setting it on the mat ready to move onto the next, but instead I was tugged up to face Niall. "Don 't do that." He ordered. "Do what? I was jus-" "Flaunting your ass in my face?" He chuckled. "That 's called teasing Lori." "Teasing? Why would I tease you? You 're ridiculous." He just propped an eyebrow and walked off into the kitchen. Stifling a laugh, I bent back down to undo the next one, quickly sliding it off and placing it next to the other neatly. I didn 't even think someone like me was capable of teasing. I mean I 'm not exactly…show more content…
"Here." Niall held his hand out for me to give it to him. I sighed handing it to him. He opened it swiftly then gave it back to me. "Thanks." I mumbled. Nodding, he opened his own and toke a big gulp, emptying half of it in one swoosh. Wow. I can 't believe I 'm here at the apartment alone with Niall. Peyton would flip if she knew about this. Although she had invited him over herself once too, that still puzzles me. Maybe something occurred while he was here and that 's why she 's so fearful towards him now. But what confuses me even more is that she invited him to her own party last Saturday? For someone who 's so determined to make sure I avoid him clearly doesn 't think the same way towards herself. Niall cleared his throat snapping me from my thoughts and patted the spot next to him on the counter. I gulped and hesitantly pulled myself up to sit by him, making sure to keep a good distance though. "You 're different." He sighed, staring at me intently. "Ho-w so?" I stuttered, my nervousness has been slowly setting in since we had entered the house, but as of now it was at its peak. He scooted a tad closer. "You 're more challenging than other girls." "Challenging?" I laughed stiffly, bringing my bottle up to my lips. "Yeah." He finished off his drink and threw it into the bin on the floor. "Most girls would jump at the idea of riding home with me so they 'ed get laid afterwards." I abruptly
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