You Will Meet a Stranger

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He rides into a valley that hasn’t yet been fully settled, a short time after the Homestead Act was set into play after 1861. This gives us a first look at our professional hero, no matter what his history, he's apparently skilled in all aspects shown in t he movie. Somehow, he is brought into a dispute between the homesteaders and a ruthless cattle baron by the name of Rufus, who wants to force Starrett and the others off the land. Already you have the setting for an intense motion picture.
Shane displays some of his bedrock values when he decides to go into town the homesteaders to gather materials at the general store. Shane crosses the threshold of the bar, where Ryker's men are, and asks for a “soda pop”. One of Ryker's men starts jeering Shane and throws liquid on him, uttering "..smell like a man!" This is the part of the rising action where the hero (Shane) embraces his beliefs and values. Shane orders two drinks. He pours one down the man’s shirt and flings the other in his face trailed by a punch. A bar-fight ensues, and our Shane starts to develop some stereotypes as a hero (i.e. strength, courage, and bravery).
He also presents the characteristics of a family man as well as a teacher when a child is drawn to him and the gun. The child wishes that Shane will teach him how to use a pistol. Shane shows him how to wear his holster and demonstrates his speed and…
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