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To what extent do male and female literary characters accurately reflect the role of men and women in society?

Deconstruct the question
Talk about both the novels
Come to the point and compare both the novels.
Don't deviate from the topic
Talk about characters.

The male and female characters play a vital role in both the novels and it definitely reflects the role of men and women society. In Gabriel Garcia's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and in Khaled Hosseini's thousand splendid suns both male and female characters have an important role and most of the time they are biased towards men and these events also happen in our society. Men are given more leeway and have the freedom to do anything they want. The question
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These issues are taken into consideration very seriously even now amongst various communities and societies.

For example if you take the character Rasheed from the novel Thousand splendid suns, there are many people who still hit and abuse their wives and other women and even if its not the women's fault they do the same thing just so it would make them look good and it is not hurting their ego. Because of this torture some women have tried to commit suicide and some who have no choice just deal with their lives. In the same novel Laila's character is of a beautiful young individual who is raised by parents who's thinking is very modern unlike other parents and people and they want their daughter to pursue a career which will lead to her happiness. Whereas Mariam had a difficult life, she had to go through a lot of pain and and misery as she was born illegitimately to a wealthy man of Herat and one of his housekeepers. She tries to force her father to acknowledge her as his daughter, but it leads to her mother's suicide and her own arranged marriage to Rasheed. Her life was nothing but a misery and she was abused almost on a daily basis by Rasheed. If we compare both Mariam and Laila's lives there is no difference for the simple reason being that both of them had to live their lives with that man who treated them worse than animal.

In Gabriel Garcia's Chronicle of a death foretold both the
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