Young Adults Ministry Of Good Church

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Young Adults ministry in Good church has a plan to have a project, whose title is “Seeking Hope, Peace, and Unity.” The most important issues for Korean young adults are hope and peace as they are suffering to find out hope and peace in their lives. In this view, the project focuses on finding out what hope is today and how to bring forth hope today with having interreligious dialogues. The project has four steps to have collaboration with inter-religious professionals and leaders. The major religions in South Korea are Christianity, Catholic, Buddhism, and Muslim.
The first step is to have a religious art exhibition. The subject is “Seeking Hope, Peace, and Unity” To do this, the church invites 30 artists with diverse religious …show more content…

The genre consists of three pieces of religious music and two pieces of contemporary music, so that various young people can participate and enjoy those. After the song is created, the church invites musicians with religiously diverse backgrounds, especially religious music professionals. It will consume three months. After all the preparations, they will perform at the sanctuary of the church. In case, it needs to expect that conservative members of congregation would have severe oppositions to playing other religious music in the sanctuary, so it will be important to persuade them for a long time and to explain them well the purpose of this project. Through this concert, young people realize that musicians of various religions can sing hope and peace together in harmony.
The third step is to hold a forum on politics and ethics. These days, people have a high interest in the politics and ethics of Korean society, especially young people, due to the problem of the recent impeachment of the President of Korea. Through this, there is a high growing interest in politics and the ethical consciousness of the people and how to achieve fair society. Therefore, drawing ethical values and getting political ideas from various religions perspectives

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