Young Adults, Parental Bereavement and Mindfulness

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Literature Review
Little research has been conducted on young adults, their experiences with parental bereavement, and mindfulness. This literature review looks to introduce novel information in an attempt to help close the literature gap and show the need for more research for this specific topic. McCarthy (2007) stated young adults face many challenges in their day-to-day experiences but the topic of parental bereavement and loss has not been studied fully. Young adults are at a stage where they can cognitively understand more of their grieving process, but might still have coping skills similar to adolescents (DeMinco, 1995). Therapists can utilize specific treatments, such as mindfulness, to help early adult clients become more aware of their feelings and help during the treatment of grieving (Cacciatore & Flint, 2012).
Young adults may also face many stressors and huge transitions during the grieving time (Servaty & Hayslip 2001). Factors such as gender of the grieving child, social support, coping skills, and more all influence the young adult and further the need for a psychosocial approach when helping this population. Mindfulness has been effectively shown to help treat depression but more research is needed to work with grief, particularly for parental grief with young adults (Cacciatore & Flint, 2012). The findings can be applied to grief work
Bereavement has many levels that one encounters while grieving (Bonanno, 2001). Bereavement can

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