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Summary of Black Men and Public Space Staples Brent in “Black Men and Public Space” described the difficulties that a young black male may encounter during his ordinary life. It is explained that, even if you are a well-educated citizen, but you are a black man—more than six feet height with a not shaved face—you could face unfair prejudice and judgment all the time in street. At the very beginning of the article Brent start with “My first victim was a woman—white, well-dressed, probably in her late twenties” (207). Leaves reader with a sense of curiosity for looking after evidence of nastiness in the upcoming story that is going to be read. Brent explains his personal experience as a young black African-American, also looking tall and…show more content…
It is very hard to understand that he is not distinguishable from criminals who rob people every day. The scariest thing that bothers him much more than anything else, is that more than often there are possibilities in these kind of situations that fear of someone will put a dramatic end to life of someone like him. What make the situation even worse are prejudiced people like policemen or cabdrivers whose duty is judge individuals like him before they commit anything wrong. As he moves to New York, his problem with sleeping still remains despite the fact that crowded places in Manhattan reduce the tension he had been experiencing. Yet there are narrow streets in Brooklyn where he faced unpleasant moments. “I often see women who fear the worst from me” (208). Although he is suffering the heavy atmosphere above him caused by people prejudice, he understands that the source of that fear is not just something unreal. Of course women are physically weaker and more vulnerable to street crimes. On the other hand, black males are typically the first suspect for all these kind of nastiness. He never realized the feeling of being under pressure of other people judgment until he got to the age of 22. All his life before that age he was living in a neighborhood where most of the people were black, and mostly
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