Young Children And Adults Alike

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“Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” have taken on a life of their own, independent from the stories in which they were written. Beloved by children and adults alike, these stories have been passed down over multiple generations. Along with these stories come morals, values, and stereotypes. A prevalent stereotype found in fairy tales deals with genders and their norms and children in their early developmental years are exposed to these gender stereotypes. These are used as a tool to help children develop their gender identity. As they endure over time, fairy tales continue to teach gender stereotypes and this perpetuates our society’s current beliefs of gender. Children develop their sense of identity and gain information of the world around them in their early years. It is in these years that a child goes through multiple processes to form this identity. There are many factors that are used by a child to aid them in these processes, some such factors are parents, school, friends, and the media. It is quite a complex system and there are too many factors and subfactors to address within this essay. A method that a child constantly uses to form identity is that of trial and error. A child first is exposed to, whether by hearing or seeing, a particular behavior, usually done by a fellow peer, and tries to use that same behavior themselves. If they are rewarded or not criticized, they will continue to use such behavior. If they are criticized or told not to
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