Young Children Interpreting Sports

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The argument deals with the aspect of analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of young children practicing sports. Though practicing sports may be a normal trait, this practice has several critical viewpoints. Although many proponents say that practicing sports is always beneficial to both mental and physical health, there is a myriad of issues and challenges that are needed to be addressed effectively.
Firstly, there are a lot of advantages occur when a young student practice sports regularly. Sports can increase the physical activities of a child, thereby strengthening the body metabolism and instigating proper growth. In an era, where children are exposed to a lot of diseases and disorders, the health issues concerning the children are in a high rise. As the technology increases, the threshold time of inactivity increases with the child, making the child prone to many weaknesses. Practicing a particular sport, a sport that is predominantly an outdoor sport and that involves a lot of physical activity, will make the children fight against those weaknesses in a productive manner. Therefore, the proponents will always have a strong ground in supporting this stance.
Moreover, sports can also increase the exposure of a particular child. For example,
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The argument states sports without giving proper detail about the type of sport that is involved in the discussion. There are a variety of sports that are suitable and not suitable for a child according to his/her age. If a child practices a sport that is not suitable to that age, then the child may face many difficulties because of it. For example, a 4-year-old child cannot practice weight-lighting, since it will damage the tender muscles of that child. So unless the argument gives a proper and a more accurate detail on the type of sport a child could practice, it is practically impossible to agree with this
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