Young Chinese Women Attitudes Towards Pornography

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3.3 Data Analysis

With the use of a comparative qualitative research design, this research can explore women’s attitudes and beliefs regarding to pornography and its consumption in considerable depth, but the small sample size (only eight research participants) of this qualitative research can result in lack of representation in the research findings of young Chinese women attitudes towards pornography. Bryman (2012) condemned that majority of the research findings from qualitative research cannot be generalised to a bigger population due to the small sample size (Bryman, 2012). Indeed, the issue of representation is less problematic in this research. This is because this study is not attempted for representing on behalf of all young Chinese women’s opinions and attitudes towards pornography consumption. However, the small sampling size (only 4 consumers and 4 non-consumers of pornography) in this research can connote that other researchers, who might be interested in studying pornography, can still neglect the relationship between pornography and Chinese women due to the fact that the research findings of this are not generalized to a larger Chinese population. Linked to the issue of small sampling, the selection bias inevitably appears as another limitation in this study. As afore-discussed, this study, because of the time constraint problem on carrying out a postgraduate research, has limited its targeted research participants to young Chinese women who are known
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