Young College Athletes

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Everyone wants to be a champion. Many people have the dream of becoming a college athlete and going down in history. With the many controversies in athletics today it is getting harder to fulfill this dream. One of the main controversies is college athletes becoming employees of the college. There are many reasons why athletes should not be employees. College athletes should not be considered employees of the college it will send a bad message to younger generations, cause contract disagreements and lastly it would make the cost of colleges much high than they are. Young athletes always look up athletes at higher levels. Most of the times they have a favorite athlete and try there hardest to be just like their idol. With that thought college athletes getting paid will send a bad message to younger generations. Seeing these controversies about payment will eventually trickle down. Younger generations will see this as an opportunity for them to get paid as well. If it passes that college athletes become employees why shouldn’t high school athletes get paid, or even junior high athletes. The argument is the amount of money that athletes raise for their schools colleges. According to ESPN in 2008 Alabama made 28,410,419 dollars off of ticket sales alone. ( ) If they base the decision on this fact then many smaller colleges would be in trouble. The larger universities with more money would have an unfair advantage. Most of the skilled athletes would look towards these
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