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Unit 19: Developing Teams in Business- Young Enterprise M1 Compare the roles of different members of the team When we initially discussed how we would assign the roles within the business, we all agreed that it would be fair to spread the responsibilities equally and so therefore decided that each member would be equal in the business and that we would not each have specific roles. At the beginning of starting up WetPhish we decided to use the Belbin Team roles to assess which areas each individual would be suited towards. Once deciding on which team roles brought out our strengths, we were appointed different tasks to complete to achieve our first objectives of the business which included market research, starting up our financial…show more content…
One other member of the Wetphish team was had the co-ordinate role and therefore had mature and confident qualities and was able to clarify our business goals and promote decision making. This type of team role would be best suited for the IT director as they were able to outline what we need for our website design and also held group meetings to discuss the decisions we should make in terms of what we each wanted the site to look like and what the content should be. One of the other members of our team fit into the ‘shaper’ team role and was found to be able to thrive on pressure and challenge themselves and other members of our team. This drive and encouragement meant that we were able to overcome certain obstacles in the business. This role would best suit the traditional role of a managing director as it is very important for the manager to drive other team members and be encouraging. However, the allowable weakness off this team role was that she was sometimes blunt with other and had the risk of offending others but felt that these steps had to be taken in order to get the jobs done. Another member of WetPhish fit into the ‘monitor evaluator’ Belbin team role which meant he was able to make strategic decisions and was able to see all options. These qualities would have best suited a HR role within the business as it is important that the HR director is discerning and judges
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