Young Girls And Girls : An Effect On Self Motivation And Confidence Essay

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Girls are also more likely to succumb to the pressures of having a label of academic success in early schooling which can, in some cases, impact their motivation. Little and Garber (2004) found that this is common in American teenage girls who have just transitioned from middle school as there is often a decrease in GPA after this change in schools which has a staggering impact on self-motivation and confidence in their academic abilities.. This suggests that even if young girls have high aspirations, some may give up on them due to setbacks and believe that they are failures. If students are supported through this strenuous period of time where school can effectively ‘make or break’ a child’s future, then maybe there would be higher achievement in both boys and girls. This labelling can impact boys as well as girls, Schultz (1983) argues that the expectations that teachers have of their students has an effect on the way that they interact with them and leads to a change in the student’s attitude to school and behaviour. This is supported by Harris (1991) who found that teachers drastically changed the way they responded to either a ‘smart’ or ‘less able’ child with either warm or cold feedback, the amount of material taught, and they gave fewer opportunities to ‘less able’ children to answer questions. This limits children with negative labels and means that they are less likely to grow academically and decreases the likelihood of their in-class participation.
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