Young Good Brown By Nathaniel Hawthorne And Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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We’ve done quite a few readings from different time periods such as American Romanticism, American Feminism and Post Colonialism. For this paper, I am going to compare and contrast 2 readings, Young Good Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne and “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. Hawthorne’s writing is from the American Romanticism week and “Girl” is from the Post Colonialism week. From my understanding and interpretations, the two of these readings share common themes such as public perception, gender roles, for lack of a better word and trust but they have differing views of each theme. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown the story revolves around a man named Goodman Brown who has set out on a journey to find the devil. His wife, the young and effervescent Faith tries to coerce Goodman Brown into staying with her and not going on the journey and Goodman Brown assumes that Faith knows the dark mission of his travels. Goodman Brown is a man of strong moral convictions which reveals a concept of morality being a weakness. This is revealed throughout the story, when Goodman Brown encounters the devil in the woods and he is embarrassed as he does not want to be seen with such a figure when the two encounters Goody Cloyse. He is more concerned with being seen in public with the devil than the actual fact of encountering the devil in the first place. And when Goodman Brown discovers that his wife along with his father and several others are all in cahoots with the devil his initial

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