Young Goodman Brown Romanticism

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The story of Young Goodman Brown is a unique story about a man named Goodman Brown who ventures into the forest and meets the devil. However, there is something else about this story that is interesting as well: It was written in the romantic era. This was a special time period in which writing was transformed to be non-religious, and rejecting the vary nature of civilization. The story of Young Goodman Brown is romantic due to its non-religious nature, Goodman Brown following his own human desires, and Brown being upset at civilization in the end. By the end, one will know without a doubt that Young Goodman Brown is a romantic piece of literature. Firstly, Young Goodman Brown is romantic due to its non-religious nature. This may not make sense at first, as there are several symbols throughout the story, such as Faith that seem religious. However, in the story of Young Goodman Brown, the general idea is that Brown is that he, and others, are in fact rebelling against religion. For instance, while talking with the devil in the forest, he mentions that his father had helped burn down the village of an Indian tribe with his guidance, which does not sound like a religious thing to do. It is also worth mentioning that none of the symbols in the story represent something religious. For example, Faith (Brown’s wife) represents his faith in humanity, the devil represents human nature, and the staff represents evil. None of these things however, represent a higher power or
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