Young Lady By The Mane Of Mona Who Has Never Herself Into A Situation Of No Return

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Introduction In life we are hit with many trials and tribulations that hinder us from being the person we should be. I will introduce you to a young lady by the mane of Mona who has gotten herself into a situation of no return. Mona is a young lady who has gotten her self pregnant at a young age. Due to the fact that she has taken on a very serious responsibilities this has changed her role as person. In my paper, I will discuss the Development milestones, Development maturity, Diverse environmental, Diverse groups, Alternatives, Coping behaviors, well as how a social work practice and evaluation is applied. Development milestones Mona will be hit with many, obstacles has she endure this unplanned pregnancy. She will have to realize…show more content…
Also, she can fall into a depression state due from neglecting from friends, well as overwhelmed with school work, financial burden that will fall upon her. Development maturity Considering that Mona is going to be teenage mother her social issues will consist of her nothing being able for her to talk to her friends about her problems. Well as someone that she can lean on for moral support in a time of need. She will need all the support and help that she can find. However, her stress level will kick into place as she realize and ask herself can she take care a child on her own. Will she be strong enough to endure all of the slurs that will be thrown at her? Mona will have to realize and understand how her life will change after she has her baby. Will the baby father be around to give her the support she need? Diverse environmental Social workers follow three different practices when dealing with their clients this allows them to help categorize everyone these practices are: Macro, Mezzo, and Micro. First, before using this practice you must first understand what each of them mean. “The practice of Macro social work is the effort to help clients by intervening in large systems, Mezzo social work practice deals with small-to-medium-sized groups, such as neighborhoods, schools or other local organizations, In Micro social work, the social worker engages with individuals or families to solve problems.(Childs)”. For, Mona at the Macro Level would
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