Young Lady By The Mane Of Mona Who Has Never Herself Into A Situation Of No Return

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Introduction In life we are hit with many trials and tribulations that hinder us from being the person we should be. I will introduce you to a young lady by the mane of Mona who has gotten herself into a situation of no return. Mona is a young lady who has gotten her self pregnant at a young age. Due to the fact that she has taken on a very serious responsibilities this has changed her role as person. In my paper, I will discuss the Development milestones, Development maturity, Diverse environmental, Diverse groups, Alternatives, Coping behaviors, well as how a social work practice and evaluation is applied. Development milestones Mona will be hit with many, obstacles has she endure this unplanned pregnancy. She will have to realize that this baby is hers well as her role in society will change drastically. Her body well undergoes series of changes. Many people deal with pregnancy and development in many different ways. “A normal pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks and is grouped into three trimesters (Stöppler)”. Mona body will develop in many different stages until it is time for her to deliver. She will produce milk for her child; her body expands as well so she will be room for the baby to grow. Her emotions will change as well from her dealing with her hormones to dealing either mood swings as well. However, due to the fact that Mona will be teenage mother her social aspects will change such as: her friends will neglect her due to the fact they do not understand the

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