Young Misleading Love in Romeo and Juliet

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Young love is a very deep immature feeling, which tends to misguide those affected by it, and the affected ones fall too deeply in love, which leads to a tendency of self-destruction. The concept of the young misguiding love is emphasized in the drama, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet are young when they first see each other and make the mistake of loving each other without knowing their family names. Their deep love without any understanding of the concept of love leads to the young lovers committing suicide, which is a rash decision. They do not embrace their situation, and think about other solutions other than suicide. Romeo and Juliet act on impulse and make rash decisions without thinking about the …show more content…
He jumps right in, and tells Balthasar to get the horses ready at once. Romeo and Juliet’s lack of maturity also causes them to love one another without a limit. They are too immature to realize that the feeling of love should not conquer common sense and reasoning. They love each other too such an extreme, that they are inseparable; and once separated, they are willing to go up to any extent to be loyal to each other and their love. This idea is strongly emphasized when Juliet is willing to kill herself rather than marry Paris which proves that she is loyal to her love. Romeo, in return, kills himself after he sees Juliet dead, which shows that he too is loyal to his love. Romeo and Juliet are both young and immature when they fall in love with each other, and their immaturity results in them not understanding that love has its limits. The young lovers love to an extreme neglecting love’s limits, which leads to them not taking mature decisions and steps, but rather rashly and abruptly on impulse to honor their love for each other. Romeo and Juliet feel such a burden to honor their love for each other that they end up committing suicide.
Romeo and Juliet’s excessive love and blind love are the most powerful ingredients to their self-destruction. The young lovers, Romeo and Juliet’s idolatry for each other symbolizes excessive love by them willing to go against their families and committing suicide at the
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