Young People Essay

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Standard 1: understanding the principles and values essential for working with children and young people.

1. Principles and values

a. Show how you promote the principles and values essential for working with children; young people their families and their carers.

.At Clayfields house all children, young people their families and carers are all treated with respect. Families and carers are always updated on children’s or young people’s progress during their time at Clayfields and any deterioration in their behaviour or health will be notified to carers and families. Young people and children are always treated with respect as we call them by the name they want to be called, offer culturally food for them, we always ask young
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c. Understanding different types of prejudices and discrimination and how they can be challenged.

There are many types of prejudice and discrimination, some are listed below

Class (snobbery - elitism)
Different (lifestyle – looks – accent

If any young person is found to be being prejudice or discriminating people they are put on the bullying policy. At Clayfields house we have a bullying policy in place to make sure that these kinds of prejudice and discrimination are not tolerated.

3. Person-centred approaches

Explain how your work relates to any of the five outcomes in “every child matters”

Being healthy: enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle.

Staying safe: being protected from harm and neglect and growing up able to look after them.

Enjoying and achieving: getting the most out of life and developing broad
Skills for adulthood.

Making a positive contribution: to the community and to society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour.

Economic well-being: overcoming socio-economic disadvantages to achieve
Their full potential in life.

Clayfields house work towards all of these outcomes, how Clayfields does this are listed below.

Being healthy: All young people and children are given a Varity of meals which work towards a healthy diet, they are also have the opportunities to do plenty of exercise down
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