Young People Who Transition Into Adulthood

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The year twenty-one marks the beginning of many new and adventurous milestones. For young people who transition into adulthood, twenty-one means finally being of the “real” legal age. Unlike being 18, 21-year olds have an abundance of responsibilities to themselves as they try to understand and develop their sense of self and self worth, but also the obligations they have being a member of a larger community. I am proud of my daughter who has recently talked to me about her depression that she has been silently suffering from for over 10 years and her struggles with self-harm. Since she’s coming up on her 21st birthday in September, she wanted to express some things that has tormented her since early childhood. Much of my daughter’s depression has come from being an obese kid. Some may think, well hey that’s your fault that your daughter was heavier than other kids and you failed her in that respect. Though, my daughter experienced constant weight gain from the ages of 7-11; as she and her other younger relatives spent many summers at my mother’s southern home. Grandma’s cooking is just one of those things that’s so delicious that it cannot be denied. However those summers have passed and the weight gain has not only been painful for her, but for myself. She would come home crying as a young girl talking about how she was verbally and physically abused. It broke my heart that I couldn’t protect my daughter. School is supposed to be a safe haven and yes children can be
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