Young Pine In Light Essay

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Emily Carr’s Young Pines in Light (c. unknown) uses elements and principles that suggest movement in the painting. The various use of lines, the presence of positive space, the use of colour and an asymmetrical balance all help to suggest motion in the painting. Line is the greatest and most prevalent element used in the painting. The painting is filled with lines from left to right and top to bottom. There are straight lines, curved lines, diagonal lines. The density and length of the lines are also included in the painting. They range from thick to thin and short to long. The horizon line is curved in an “s” wave which helps to give the painting more movement from left to right, unlike a straight horizontal line which would suggest…show more content…
There isn’t much negative space or even hardly any thereof. A lot of the space in the painting is positive. This gives us more to look at and creates the illusion of depth. Everything behind the horizon gets smaller and smaller in size and blurred out. Mimicking the way we actually see things in real life. Things farther away appear smaller and sometimes we cannot make out some of the lines/shapes beyond us. Things in the foreground, those before the horizon are much larger and we can make out the shape of the trees and other objects. Also, in the foreground the painting is much more spaced out rather than the background. This depth in the painting represents the movement of our eyes from near to far. It looks as if we could actually move through the painting and make our way into the forest. The three-dimensional space within the painting isn’t very sharp but subtle instead. She perfectly softens up the image to show a more fluid perspective. The overlapping of trees and stumps further enhance this illusion. The curved horizontal line splits the landscape into halves, which continue on into space. This implies that the landscape continues to move beyond the borders, to the left and right. The importance of space in the painting is key for allowing the painting to have the presence of
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