Young School Age Children

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Young School Age Children There are many types of people in a community. Whether one categorizes by age, health, or even wealth, each person falls into a group. The group of choice for focus is young school age children. This group includes children, male and female, from five years of age to seven years of age. These children are in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. These children are in a slow and steady growth and development. At this age they should be highly active, enjoy learning, and allow curiosity to peak their interests. It is this age group one can explore health promotion strategies used, problems encountered, health care availability, and health education. With the first topic, it is evident there are many health…show more content…
Child abuse has become more prevalent in the past few years with more stressors on parents with a fallen U.S. economy. The final problem this age group faces is something that can be planned and managed accurately. Children beginning school go through many emotions. They may be scared at first, reject the idea of being away from home, or even slip into a depression. The negative emotions of attending school and beginning a new life change needs to be addressed before starting school, during the change, and frequently during the first few years of school. In the United States, health care is not hard to come by. There are offices, clinics, and hospitals at almost every street corner now. It is hard to imagine a child would not have some sort of access to healthcare. Even for those families who cannot afford an office visit, there is the Williamson County Health Department who gives immunizations and most antibiotics for free. Publix grocery also gives some choice antibiotics out for free. In Nashville there is a substantial children’s hospital specializing in several areas of pediatric care whether it be endocrinology, neurology, and even trauma. Health education and implementation measures/resources needed by these children are shown above as available. Children need healthier options when eating out and eating at
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