Young Travels Like Myself For The University Of Las Vegas

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Young travels like myself aka millennials are starting to pay attention to the little things, such as complimentary items in our rooms, if the hotel is recycling, and so on. I run track for the University of Las Vegas so being that I’m apart of a collegiate team we travel very frequently. We travel from our neighboring state California all the way to Florida. The hotels that we stay in are usually unpredictable. One weekend our team might be staying in the W in Detroit, the next weekend we might stay in Marriot Fairfield in Washington State. The more I travel the more observant I become, especially of my hotel rooms. One thing that particularly stands out to me every time when checking into a new hotel room is the sign on my night stand that I would be able to put on the outside of my door to communicate with housekeeping, also known as a door hanger. A door hanger is a paper, plastic, cardboard, or wood sign generally rectangular shaped that hangs from a knob of a door to perform some type of communication to the guest or staff. A door hanger usually tells housekeeping that a room needs to be cleaned or the guest staying in the room want privacy. Depending on where you stay they might have paper or plastic door signs, some hotels have neither. I am on a team of 50 girls who live spontaneously. Sometimes they find humor in giving people a hard time. With that being said please do not be alarmed on what I am about to tell you. When my teammates see signs placed on the

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