Young Women And Hooking Up

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Young Women and Hooking Up There is often an unhealthy stigma against twenty-something women for having casual sex. The excerpt “Is Hooking up Bad for Women?” in Skolnick and Skolnick’s Family in Transition, has much to say about the subject of millennials sleeping around. This section of the textbook was written by Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, and Paula England; discussing their opinions and findings on the subject. The three women discuss why women have been more prone to casual hookups, and the pros and cons of these decisions. Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, and Paula England explain that millennials are not hooking up more than baby boomers were when they were in their 20s, it is just that more attention has been drawn to casual sex. Paula England surveyed 14,000 students from 19 different colleges and universities about their sex lives and only 72% of students had hooked by their senior year of college. 80% of those men and women had had less than one sexual encounter per semester. These statistics are quite different from what we are led to think about today’s twentysomethings. The thing is, it is not like all university students are giving up on relationships to sleep around, 69% of the students Paula England surveyed had been in a relationship for at least six months. And most of the students that had been having casual sex were not doing so with people they did not know, but friends or acquaintances. A big factor as to why women are

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