Your Baby Can Read

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Exaggeratory Claims of Infant Linguistic Developing Programs Raymond Mattison PSYCH 600 September 22nd, 2014 Debbra Jennings Exaggeratory Claims of Infant Linguistic Developing Programs For as long as human records show, there has been the stereotypical ‘Snake Oil Salesman’. These stereotypical parts of society thrive off of the ignorance of the masses in order to sell an item or theory that may seem as though is works but in reality doesn’t. Examples of these include an early 1900’s method of weight control in which people bought pills containing tape worms and were told to take one pill to start losing weight and then take an anti-parasitic pill that would hopefully kill the tapeworm (Winterman, 2013).…show more content…
While in utero, a child starts to develop its auditory senses. This is supported by the findings that show fetuses responding to sounds that they heard in utero after birth (Feldman, Jankowski & Rose, 2003). While this may be viewed as a good basis to teach reading to infants, it does not provide a wide enough basis to actually comprehend complex linguistics. Memory and attention is another section of cognition that is necessary in order to comprehend reading. The research in infancy recognition of visual stimuli has recently had a lot of attention. One such experiment compared infant’s abilities to immediately recognize objects they have been familiarized with. The results showed that the older the child, the less time it took to establish recognition that was combined with reduced recognition time (Feldman, Jankowski & Rose, 2003). This study shows that an infant develops visual recognition through time, that their brain needs time to mature into the ability to be able to establish permanent recognition. Tied in with visual recognition, object permanence is absolutely needed in reading. Object permanence is the ability of a person to form a mental model of an item. An example of this is that when you ask someone what a chair looks like, an immediate image of a small platform of an appropriate size to sit on with support legs to keep it
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