Your Body Needs Nutrition And Exercise

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Imagine how a person’s live going to be if he only eats unhealthy food such as MacDonald’s. Imagine a 45 years old man who eats Sausage Biscuit in the breakfast every day. In lunch, he always eats big Mac and large drink. He can have pizza for dinner with some snacks. He never exercises or begin active, even in work he always siting in his office.

The main factor of living a long life is staying healthy. Your body needs nutrition and exercise to function properly and in order to be healthy. Being healthy will help you feel good about yourself. Also being healthy will increase your self-esteem level and will make you think positively about your body. “Feeling comfortable with your looks boosts your confidence and self-esteem and that make you look even better,” according to the book Teen FAQ-Keep Healthy. Being healthy doesn’t only mean that your free from diseases and sickness, it also means that your body functions properly. If you are healthy then you will have a lot of energy to do anything and you wouldn’t get tired easily. Staying healthy is important for you and your body. Eating right, exercise, and avoiding fast food can keep you healthy. Being healthy means living a long happy life without any diseases.
Healthy, for some people, is being free from diseases and sickness. For others, health is fitness and enjoying life. But the main meaning of health is that the body functions properly and that you don’t get sick easily. Many people want to be healthy but they…
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