Your Brain Remembers Languages You Think You Forgot

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\“Your Brain Remembers Languages You Think You Forgot” Psychology continues making break-through revelations that explain and enlighten many cognitive pathways that are black boxes. Everyone is fluent in at least one language, but as it continues to become popular, people are learning languages left and right. Although toddlers do not start speaking before their first year, they begin learning abstract language as early as the third trimester of pregnancy and are able to differentiate languages. People with continuous exposure to a language outperform peers who have never been exposed to it. But what about those who are removed from their environment and are never exposed to the language again. A recent study by Jiyoun Choi questioned…show more content…
Every experiment has limitations, in this study language can deter the results. The study does not mention if any of the participants know any languages that may have similarities with Korean. If so, could these known languages play an influence in learning Korean? For example, the romance languages which include Spanish and French have many similar sounds and words that can be comprehended by someone with only knowledge of one of these languages. The data can create a flaw in this experiment as well. The contributors state that “removing one adoptee” that was an outlier changed the correlation value from 0.36 to 0.062 (Choi, 2016). Could, then, removing all outliers or measuring the medium rather than the mean provide drastically different results when comparing the adoptees to the Dutch natives? Media articles translate scientific papers into a simpler, shorter version that is easier for the population to understand. A science magazine, Scientific American, published the article “Your Brain Remembers Languages You Think You Forgot” to distribute the findings of Choi’s research. Jane C. Hu, the author, makes the article more wholesome by including the opinion of other professionals in the psychology

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