“Your Father Gave A Slight Bow, Introduced Himself As Officer

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“Your father gave a slight bow, introduced himself as Officer Leroy, and asked for a dance. I smiled, introduced myself as Miss Bishop, took his offered hand, and happily followed him to the dance floor. Your father was a divine dancer. What I remember most was that at the end of the first dance, he took my score card and wrote Manfred down for every dance! I was astonished by his gall and flattered at the same time. When he looked up from my dance card he gave me a wink before handing it back. After we danced every dance he asked if he could take me to get a burger. I said yes, but that my brother would have to come along. Remember young man, a proper lady would never go alone with a stranger at that hour. Well, maybe Betty would. Haha.…show more content…
He listened to the sounds of the house; he could hear his mother running water in the kitchen. Lights shown across the wall. They began at one end, then finished at the other. The boy heard a car pull up. His father was home. A car door slammed. He heard footsteps go from the kitchen to the dining room and down the hall. His parents’ door opened and then shut. His mother had gone to bed. The screen door to the front of the house opened, then the front door. The front door closed and the deadbolt slid into place with a click. The screen door bounced until it shut, the way screen doors do. His father kicked his shoes off. There were footsteps on the stairs. Padded steps along the carpet. Then harder steps on the linoleum floor. The door to the fridge squeaked open then closed. A drawer slid open with a scrape. Metal clanked against metal. A glass was set down on the counter. Click – tsssss. Click, click, something metallic hit the linoleum floor twice. Something metal hit something metal. The boy heard another wooden scrape. The kitchen drawer closed. Hard steps across a linoleum floor followed by softer steps over the carpet. They paused outside the boy’s bedroom door. The boy held his breath and closed his eyes. He exhaled when he heard the footsteps moving on. He rolled over on his side, took a pillow and hid his head underneath. He heard the door to his parents’ bedroom open then shut. He began to hum softly to himself, drowning the noises of

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