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Your Name Class & Section Date Passage I, Ruben Valce, am here writing to you to allow Romans 5:1-11 a much more simple set of verses to understand and grasp for your own well-being. Paul, author of the book of Romans, wrote verses 1-11 of Romans 5 so that the focus is geared towards us, Christians, to understand what Jesus Christ our Lord did for humanity 2,000 years ago on that cross which was die on the cross for us so we may receive eternal life and the benefits that we can reap from them if we choose to accept them. Benefits such as sharing God’s glory, building a new, better relationship with God, and peace. At around the time of when the book of Romans was written, Jesus Christ was being crucified for the sins of this sinful world.…show more content…
Thus Saul ended up stoning Stephen. In Acts 9, after the stoning of Stephen, Saul was on his way to Damascus to persecute more Christians because the followers of Christ, even after the stoning of Stephen, went everywhere to preach the word of God such as the city Damascus; therefore, Saul went to Damascus to persecute more Christians. On his way there, a very intensified light that almost blinded him from heaven was shining on him and Jesus spoke to Saul asking him why he persecuted him and would soon Saul that he is Jesus, the promised Messiah who came down to this Earth for one reason and one reason: To save the entire world. Those words would eventually open up his heart and he would eventually realize that what he was previously doing was the work of the devil and that Stephen, the man he stoned, wasn’t speaking blasphemy and that he was spreading the word of God. After his conversation with Jesus, he had become blinded for three days and in those three days he did not eat nor drink; however, he began to get closer to God through prayer and reflection. After those three days passed, a disciple named Ananias was sent by God to Saul to heal him of his blindness and to baptize him. Saul had received both of those gifts and soon after

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