Your Not My-Personal Narrative

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Your Not My... Typical day at school and I never took notice to any changes in the my day. Trotting through my normal routines like nothing. But, during my lunch period everything changed dramatically, discovering a slight change in my best friend’s behavior while gossiping about what happened in our past few classes. Her expression on her face was completely blank which, her face never looks blank, the best friend I know and love always expresses her emotions. “Hey, Isabella, Is something up with you cause your face is not normal?” I questioned her.
“No, I’m fine just tired”, she replied. Weird I thought. ‘What is going one she never acts like this, I don’t know weather to be concerned or just play it off as nothing. Which I figured I should let this slide and see if anything changes by tomorrow morning.
The next morning Isabela sat right next to be me acting like normal smiling with her
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Outside of the school on my walk I take notice of anything that seems unordinary. Still trailing up and down on the sidewalks my eyes swaying back and forth still nothing. Finally, I noticed a small little leave pod that looked like just a plant but never in my have I seen something like this. Stepping forward the leave pod started to smoke which was odd for a plant, then and there I realized the leave pod was making something and I nervously stepped closer to get a better look at it. At that closer look I discovered the pod forming a human body and I stepped closer and this time leaning my head toward the object. Then I realized it was a classmate of mine. I screamed bolting towards my house not caring if I am ditching school. I took out my brother’s bow and arrow and left my house and ran toward the school. I panted and panted but pushed myself further so I could just destroy the alien plant that took my best friend away from
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