Your Possessions And The Way You Expose Yourself

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your possessions and the way you expose yourself in public. The author’s technique of writing allows readers to interpret characters in various ways. Although the novel does not start off like modern love stories, it ends happily. The novel is also known to be a Bildungsroman, in which characters mature and reevaluate their actions, thoughts, and beliefs. Elizabeth seems to start off with an unforgiving personality. This essential prolongs her and Darcy being together. When she finds out Darcy paid off the officer Lydia eloped with, Elizabeth finally matures. She comes to the understanding that Darcy has only good intentions and that he truly does love her. He is not the man she thought he was. Darcy also grows throughout the novel. At the beginning he states, “I am in no humour at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men. (Austen 7).” Darcy’s love for Elizabeth builds rapidly causing him to mature and stop being selfish.
By the end he is able to set aside is old beliefs and allows himself to be truly happy. Pride is a virtue that can sometimes be too powerful Although the entire book is based on love and marriage, Pride and Prejudice is classified as a realistic novel, rather than a romantic one. This novel is written in the third person, making it easier for readers to relate to character’s feelings. Realism is a technique Austen uses that pays attention to detail. None of the author’s feelings or judgments are incorporated into the
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