Your Toolbox Of Social Work Skills

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Your toolbox of social work skills
What are skills? Others can define skills in several of ways. How I define skills is being able to do things but being very good at it, also to be able to pick up fast on a project that is given to you, or to be proficiency at something that interest a person or a job. Skills mean the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well. My toolbox of social work skills which I use in my field would consist of the PACT Assessment, RAI Juvenile Risk Assessment, Data collected by DYRS, communicate with the clients and also provide counseling and services as needed. With the PACT Assessment the tools I use for this skills is being able to process the probation intakes,
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Evaluate your practicum mission statement
I am place at the DYRS Family Court Liaison Unit. The department mission statement is to effectively represent DSCYF in court proceeding by providing a department perspective resulting in recommendations that are presented in one voice and support positive outcomes for all participants. The mission statement is exactly what is presented in the court. I rate the mission statement as is a five to be an excellent statement. Everything I do in my field is basically everything that the mission statement states. I like how the liaisons advocate for the youth and support the family. One thing that I dislike is sometimes the parents come in with attitudes and the liaison have to compromise with who they are, and I can understand how hard that can be, but it has been done.
The Liaison unit represents the Department in juvenile bail proceedings and provides intake services for youth who have been ordered to community supervision by DYRS. This statement is what I have been doing since the first day I started. The client has to fill out the form, and when it comes down to processing the intakes it is hard to read some of the hand writing which can be frustrated at times. I like doing intakes, adding the clients into the system. Good thing about intakes, it barely be more than 5 intakes a day. My field placement is a good experience; I like to hear most of the stories about the clients, because I am amaze by what the children do to put
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