Youth Crime

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Through out history, sociologists have conjured different perspectives on society and social behavior, and from these observations sociological theories have been established. This paper will be focusing on one of these theories, which is the symbolic interactionist perspective. According to symbolic interactionist perspectives, society is the sum of the interactions of individuals and groups (Murray, Linden, & Kendall, 2011, p.20). These theorists emphasize on the interaction between one another and the symbols that represent meaning in human communication. This paper will be exploring the cause and effect of youth crime and analyzing this issue through a symbolic interactionist perspective. The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective…show more content…
Other types of crime committed by youth involve gang related activity and possession of weapons. Evidence of gang involvement was reported by police in 22% of homicides with a youth accused( Bressan & Taylor- Butts, 2008). Statistics Canada also emphasizes that Drug-related crimes among youth have climbed dramatically over the last 10 years, with a rate of drug offences among youth in 2006 that was nearly double (+97%) that of 10 years earlier (Bressan & Taylor- Butts, 2008). This is a frightening and important statistic that needs to be addressed and should open people’s eyes up to the staggering amount of crimes that youth can commit. Differential Association During adolescence years, are usually when youth are breaking away from their parents and may feel that they have little responsibility or social role. Adolescence at this time may believe that they have the mindset that they have the knowledge to survive in society. This urge to be on their own leads to mislead choices that may lead to crime. Symbolic theorist, Edwin Sutherland developed a theory that could explain how one may be more likely to commit a crime when exposed to it through social interaction.“ Differential association theory states that individuals have a greater tendency to deviate from societal norms when they frequently associate with persons who favor deviance over
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