Youth Culture And Its Effect On Society

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The definition of youth culture has never been a stagnant concept; it is always evolving with the needs and demands of the current generation of youth. Many have tried to quantify ‘youth culture’ youths themselves act in certain ways thus putting themselves in to categories and adults looking back at today’s youth culture but always comparing it to their own ‘youth culture’. The boxes the youth have created may differ in every look, appearance, and behavior but they all have the modes of expression to mold and create their ‘sub-culture’. Many of the time these ‘sub-cultures’ grow to the size they become profitable and thus corporations force the ‘sub-culture’ in to the light of ‘mainstream culture’. Furthermore, ‘youth culture’ depending on the ‘sub-culture’ can and cannot be defined by a specific place or places. With so many constantly changing layers in ‘youth culture’ it is impossible to get a static definition. If one were to look at the concept of ‘youth culture’ with only two parties; the youth’s, and the ‘non-youths’, you would find that the only difference between the two is that they differ on “a set of ideas, customs and beliefs that shape people’s activities and their production of material artifacts including the landscape and the built environment.”(McDowell, 1994). Youths are the creator of their own worlds and they are the ones who create their own identity and they are the ones who define what youth culture is. This idea of what constitutes youth culture
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