Youth Culture And Subculture Developed

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Youth culture existed before the Second World War and it did not suddenly appear after 1945. However, it emerged after that time for various reasons that will be explained later on this essay. There were many factors of how youth culture and subculture developed such as: demographic changes, National Service, education and raising the school leaving age, the economic period and music. And these factors also helped shape people’s experiences of them. B Demographic changes were the first and one of the reasons why youth culture created such anxiety. Because of survived married soldiers coming back from the Second World War, there was a ‘baby boom’, which meant that the number of people under twenty grew from 3 million in 1951 to 4 million in 1966. (Osgerby, 2005) B There were two changes that happened and established youth as a group with certain needs and problems. The first one was Butler’s education act of 1944, and that raised the school leaving age from 12 to 14. Further changes were made in 1947 raising it to 15 and 16 in 1972. Which meant that it allowed children to go to secondary school. The second change was the development of youth services such as youth clubs, which made these young people do something useful in their leisure. (Osgerby, 2005) B Another factor that helped shape the development of youth culture was the introduction of the National Service in 1948 and that conscripted
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