Youth Environmental Stewardship Essay

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Rural Action’s youth environmental stewardship program dedicates to provide children a practical learning experience of environmental knowledge, and to offer children various types of outdoor entertaining activities. The program not only focus on educating children, but also on cultivating children’s personality development. Youth environmental stewardship program is fast developing in Athens and other local regions, which includes Vinton, Morgan, and Hocking. The program currently has two camping locations, which are Sunday Creek Watershed Camp and Monday Creek Watershed Camp; these two camping locations have a capacity to cumulatively serve 200 children per summer. Abundant local natural resources provided Rural Action’s youth environmental …show more content…

Due to the fact that the majority of the activities of Rural Action are allocated in the outdoor environment, unpredictable climate changes could significantly affect the business. Wilson, Becken, and Espiner (2012) indicate that storms could bring multiple effects of weather, including strong wind and rain, and lightning, which are threats for the safe operation for a range of outdoor based tourism businesses. For summer camp’s operation, rainstorm could disturb the activities for days and even for weeks. Moreover, climate change could be a safety hazard of the program’s activities. Research found that both extremely high (often in spring due to snow melt and storms) and low water (often in autumn) pose safety issues for boat operators (Wilson, Becken, & Espiner, 2012). Since the youth environmental stewardship program offers many water entertaining activities, such as swimming, canoeing, and fishing, the negative effects of climate change should be considering as a dangerous threat. Climate change and natural disasters that are caused by extrema whether condition, such as flood, mud-rock flow, and landslide, could become a huge threat for camping

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