Youth Gang Membership And It 's Implication Adolescent Development Essay

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There are over 700,000 adolescents who are involved in youth gangs. (Thomas). America has a youth gang culture that is present in its society. This paper will focus on youth gang membership and it’s implication to adolescent development. First to be discussed will be the demographics of adolescents involved in gangs. Then the reasons why youth join gangs and how it is related to their natural development. Next, we will turn to contemplate the implication of gang culture and involvement in America’s public school system and the effect on teachers and their classrooms. Finally, we will look into how prevention programs on large and small scale can positively influence gang culture in our education systems.
Who in America is members of gangs? According to the National Youth Gang Center in the United States 28,700 youth gangs that involved 780,200 members (Thomas). Gang membership is more likely among males than females and the average age in 18 although it can range anywhere from 10-18. Gangs are more likely in large urban areas, but can range from any size city or town. It’s important to note the difference between youth gangs and a deviant youth group. Youth gangs are defined by researchers as “distinct group recognized by its members and the community and involved in criminal acts” (Thomas 63). The main difference involves the recognition of the gangs in their respected communities. Most of the time gangs will show their membership by different symbols or specific
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