Youth Gangs Across the Globe Essay

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Most gangs are created to form a sense of power and control. All types of problems are presented to the youths of today growing up in major cities. Before being so eager to jump to conclusions, we must try to understand these problems, or we will never find a solution to them. Gang members are out there trying to find a family that some never had. It may not seem like much to you - an abandoned house or a park - but it becomes a place to call their own. It’s easy to say “why don’t they ever leave the gang”, but many of those teenagers won’t leave until years to come, if ever. Gang life becomes the only thing they know. Everyone wants to feel needed, and in those blocks or areas, they feel needed. The gang life in Los Angeles,…show more content…
The truth is most seek some kind of power, but they have already found it. Eventually their sense of mentality is “I can do what I want, where ever I want, and when I want. Forget everybody else! Police do what they got to do, and I’m here to do what I got to do.” They will soon have total disrespect for everyone who makes rules. When most gang member’s family’s income is low, it instills an attitude. “What have I got to lose - nothing”, because it isn’t like gang bangers are coming out of nice homes. Most have to defend themselves the best way they know how, and just like anyone else they do the easiest thing possible. They end up living in the streets, so they will survive by the streets. They commit crimes, and break any law they feel necessary. The problem is some really don’t realize it all. How can they feel guilty when they might be able to feed their sisters and brothers, when their mother might be strung out on drugs? Should they feel guilty? I don’t believe it’s fair to say they should, when society sees it, but choose to act blind to what’s surrounding us. They can’t be the only ones blamed, because they simply do the same thing. Everybody wants to be special. If you can’t be special by being a model citizen to everyone, then I’ll be the one everyone fears is what some gangs think. Clothes can play a big part in an identity. A particular color, hair style,
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