Youth Gangs And Chicago, Illinois

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Youth Gangs in Chicago, Illinois
Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines
Kirsten Muhaw
Criminal Justice Seminar
Professor Ruck
April 10, 2015

Youth Gangs in Chicago, Illinois According to the Chicago Police Report’s CompStat within the year of 2014, there were 407 murders citywide. Chicago, Illinois is one of the United States biggest cities, with one of the highest crime rates. Chicago is also known for their large amount of gangs including, youth gangs within the city. According to the Chicago Police Department, they defined by their department, a gang is, “An organized group with a recognized leader whose activities are either criminal or, at the very least, threatening to the community” (Chicago Police Department, 2014, para.1). Chicago has one of the highest population of gang’s members in the city with about 150,000 gang members. If a city has an extreme number of gangs, then youth members just come with its nature. According to the National Forum of Youth Violence there were 1,109 young kids that had been being shot. Out of the 1,109 kids, 216 of them resulted in losing a life (Emanuel, 2010 p. 10). If we were to have more recognition towards this issue, then we would see a major decrease in youth gangs along with the violence that comes with the gang lifestyle. For this research academic paper, I will explain the issue regarding youth gangs in Chicago, Illinois. The reasons why our youth in Chicago, Illinois turn to…

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