Youth Marketing

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After a moving target by Jo Bowman 5-Nov-04, 08:49 Asia 's youth may be a moving target but targeted traditional media, from print to radio, can still work Parents used to bemoan the fact that their kids were constantly glued to the set; now they despair that young people don 't seem to focus on anything for more than a few minutes. Sure, they 're still watching TV, but no longer are they couch potatoes, absorbing everything that flashes across the screen; they 're flicking channels, flicking through a magazine, texting their friends or moving to a PC -- a growing culture of impatience that began with the remote control and is now seen to an extreme degree in the region 's young. For marketers, this means a single-shot strategy…show more content…
In India, the TV line-up for younger children has grown this year, with the launch of Cartoon Network 's sister channel Pogo, with programming ranging from Barney & Friends for pre-schoolers, up to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer 's Stone and the animated Mr Bean series for older children. While in Thailand, Virgin Radio Asia has just launched two new radio stations aimed at young listeners. Stations in the northern university city, Chiang Mai, and on the holiday island of Ko Samui, are in addition to the four stations Virgin has launched in Bangkok since entering the Thai market two years ago. Content for Chiang Mai will be based on the Bangkok station Virgin Hitz, with a focus on top 40 popular music, and on Ko Samui will broadcast easy listening music to help listeners "kick back in tropical paradise", Virgin says. Radio technology predates TV, and is well behind the days of MMS and video streaming, but its affordability and portability makes it a good choice -- if not necessarily a favourite -- for youth marketers. "Radio is huge for this market," says Ian Stewart, CEO of youth brand specialist marketers The Filter Group. "We 're big supporters of radio because the fact is young people are at home doing their studying, there 's only one TV in the house and that 's being watched by everybody else, so they put the radio on. "And when they 're older, they 're spending hours in the car commuting with
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