Youth Offending: Documentary Analysis

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Discussion of Youth Offending
Many of the offenses in this Documentary relates with the common crimes that have been mentioned in class. In lecture, we have learned that most all crimes committed by females are less serious non-violent crimes (Pinchevsky, 2017). The crimes that women typically do are things like larceny theft, drug crimes, assaults, etc. The crimes that these girls in the documentary are accurate with the material that we learned in class about offending. All of the crimes that are committed are part of the top 10 list of offenses that females are most likely to get arrested for.
Shangra was convicted with selling crack cocaine to help support her mother at a very young age. In 2013, for the top offenses for which females get arrested, drug abuse violations come only second to larceny theft (Pinchevsky, 2017). The other crime that she got caught for was running away when she turned 17. We learned that running away is one of the crimes that women are higher than men at committing (Pinchevsky, 2017). Sheila is the second girl in the documentary, she has been in and out of the juvenile justice system for many offenses throughout the video like drug dealing, assault and a
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The community and peer risk factors are harder to help because it’s hard to control what other people will do to you. The main issues that I would want to work on most would be things like conflicts within family like abuse of any kind and situations. For example, if a girl was being sexually abused by her step-father, I would want to get her out of that home as soon as possible or prevent the offender from causing any more harm. Many females that offend have a history of abuse from family or people they are close to. This may not be the ultimate issue of why these girls commit crimes but it is a big risk factor that must be dealt with
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