Youth Readiness Of Youth Sports

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Youth Readiness in Youth Sports Many of the ideals attached to the picturesque image of the nuclear family have evolved considerably over time but with one exception, youth sports. Youth sports is a staple in nearly every American’s childhood as highlighted in “Children Need to Play, Not Compete” by Jessica Statsky. Statsky makes two contentions in favor of this argument. One, the participants of youth sports are not physically and psychologically ready and two, that the mentality of win or lose is more harmful than helpful during the formative years of a child’s critical development. This stance, though contrary to my upbringing is one that I can count as valid to a certain degree. In this essay I intend to explore the more complex…show more content…
One might even be so bold as to say that having kids play to adult standards is irresponsible as a parent. You can’t make the comparison between your child’s ability to that of Babe Ruth. Even instilling this mentality as a kind of aspiration serves only to pressure a child, not build up self esteem. When noting the fact that your child’s total muscle mass probably equates to that of a professional’s right leg it becomes glaringly clear that perhaps something ought to be reconsidered. I agree completely with Statsky that the standards parents and coaches force upon the children they are meant to inspire and motivate are more often than not both unattainable and far more detrimental to a child’s physical and mental health than we realize. The fallacies in Statsky’s claim that physical actions are bad for a growing body however, are numerous and one that I take great opposition to. Scientifically, a failure to recognize the positives of leading an active and physical lifestyle indirectly negates evolution itself. Our bodies adapt to conditions we experience. For example, a callus forms because an area on your skin is constantly under stress. The callus is a stronger form of the normal skin and makes the body more conducive to perform a desired task. This can be applied other physical actions and in this particular instance, youth sports. Saying physical actions inhibit growth is like saying exercising is bad for a healthy body. Humans need the physical skills
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