Youth Smoking and Prevention Essay

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Youth Smoking and Prevention

Introduction: Ascertaining the Issue and Addressing the Problem

As we progress into a more sophisticated and knowledgeable future, it is no wonder that our prosperity and health are first on our list of priorities. By simply looking at the longevity people have in today's world, one can see something that was unfathomable less than one hundred years ago. In this proposal, an issue is addressed that deals on many levels. It is an issue that touches everyone, whether one is directly involved or not. It is an issue that lives in every community around the world and affects more people than most realize. So as we advance into an increasingly foreseeable future, where our standard of success rises higher
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To provide a picture of the magnitude of the problem, it was estimated that underage smokers consumed 924 million packs of cigarettes in 1998 (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 188). A number as large as this will be certain to raise eyebrows, but as we have seen from the past, most times it does not. A prime example of the ignorance shown toward smoking is given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who state that over 2 million deaths in the 5-year period from 1995 through 1999 were attributable to cigarette smoking (Heinrich 1). This total lack of adherence is shocking.

But first, to begin to assess and fully understand what we are dealing with, knowledge of tobacco and how exactly it became so popular is necessary to achieve a meaningful solution and ultimately effective proposal.

Tobacco: A Self Portrait
Exactly how tobacco gained so much influence and popularity is uncertain. There was never a single moment in time when everyone all at once decided that they should take up smoking cigarettes. This is why tracing the exact origin of influence is hard to do. However, when one looks at the past, hints of causing factors can be seen that still create problems in today's issues. For example, Joel Spitzer, a former smoker, writes about how smoking cigarettes started to become part of everyday life and
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