Youth Sports Coach Better Understand Children 's Learning And Performance Skills

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While there are numerous avenues today in which youth coaches can get their training and instructional ideas for developing winning strategies, it is rare that these teachings encompass information about the children they will be teaching these strategies to. This paper will seek to help the youth sports coach better understand children’s learning and performance skills in relation to their given sport. Within the paper there will be several different topics discussed in order to help the coach see the overall picture of what motor behavior learning looks like through the eyes of a youth athlete. The topics incorporated are: 1) growth and development issues and the influence they may have on children’s motor skills; 2) cognitive factors influencing the children’s learning and performing of various motor skills; 3) children’s overall control of motor skills; and 4) children’s development of motor expertise. Throughout each section, I will provide suggestions on how the coach may tackle each of these topics when coming up with their practice and instructional plans.
Growth and Development It is no secret that children’s growth and development is an ever-changing and at times difficult aspect on life. In most cases, changes in both mass and stature occur for girls from ages 10-12 and in boys from ages 12-14. Most of the growth during this time for both girls and boys occurs in their legs. For example, at age five, leg length is about 45% of total height while at age 10 the

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