Youth Sports Should Not Be A Challenge For Children

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Growing up as a young adult is hard enough as it is, playing sports should not be a challenge for them, but a fun environment filled with growth and learning. Unfortunately the youth today have to deal with more than just competing at sports. Youth sports should be focusing on challenging their strengths and building character, but this is not the case. The challenges that the youth in sports today are going through deals with three different categories. The first is parents that are out of control and seem to take watching their children playing sports too far. In some cases not letting the kids just have fun playing, but have alternative motives for their future in sports. The darker side of youth sports, is parents that are emotional abusive and tend to bully more than support their children. The second category in challenges that the youth face in sports is the dangers young athletes may encounter playing a contact sport. The number one danger is injuries and how this will take a toll on their bodies as they mature. The other is eating disorders, improper dieting, and the pressure they put on themselves to perform at a top level. The last category is the violence in youth sports. Unfair treatment during games, may lead to off the field violence. Also the violence they are encountering during the game. Playing a contact sport will generate emotions that many of the youths just cannot deal with or express in a positive way. The results of this violence, if not treated with…

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