Essay on Youth Suicide

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Youth Suicide


Suicide is a tragic event. It has a profound personal effect on all associated with the person who died. Families, friends and society as a whole are affected. There is a particular poignancy when the suicide is that of a young person at the threshold of life.

Australia has the fifth highest suicide rate per 100 000 persons in the world. While suicide is highest among males, suicide attempts are higher among females and youth suicide among males are highest in rural / remote areas. 1

This essay will examine some of the issues of youth suicide. The focus will be to view the underlying factors and the strategies employed to intervene and prevent a potential
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Other research indicates that people who suffer from more than one psychiatric illness are twice as likely to suicide. This would add weight to the argument that those who are substance abusers, who have anti social personalities or have anxiety disorders coupled with depression are prime candidates for suicide. 2

Unemployment and Social Disadvantage

The issues of unemployment and poor long term job prospects are frequently cited in media reports on youth suicide, particularly in relation to suicides in rural areas. In recent studies of suicide trends, it has been demonstrated that unemployment is a significant cause of psychological disturbance in young people who were initially employed and not suffering from any previous documented history of physical or mental illness.

Young people who attempted suicide were also more often to have come from disadvantaged family backgrounds (broken homes). Such backgrounds indicate that parental role models were severely lacking or non existent.

Alcohol and other drugs

Alcohol and other drugs are frequently associated with suicidal behaviour. The increased risk associated with combining drug and alcohol abuse with mental health problems has already been noted, as has the association between attempted suicide and parental alcoholism.

In the above mentioned studies, alcohol was found to

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