Youth Suicide in Australia

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Suicide, binge drinking and deviant behaviour This essay will discuss the topics of youth suicide, binge drinking and deviant behaviour amongst Australian teenagers. It will show why Australian teenagers involve themselves in such behaviour and analyse the reasons by using sociological theories. It will also give a Christian perspective to these behaviours and show why such trends are occurring. There are types of deviant behaviour which are called delinquency. This refers to acts that are criminal, or are considered anti-social, which are committed by young people (Harambolos & Holburn, 2004, p.331). However, many deviant acts that are disapproved of are not defined as criminal. For example suicide and alcoholism are not illegal…show more content…
Social integration can be defined as the extent to which individuals are linked to and feel allegiance for social groups to which they are attached. Durkheim believed that individuals do not exist by themselves independently and are therefore not separate from society (Morrison, 1995, p.166). Three groups that possess the quality of social integration in society are religious groups, family groups and the political or national groups (Rubington & Weinberg, 1973, p.176). Social integration connects individuals to society by ensuring a high degree of attachment to commonly-held values and beliefs and then forms bonds between the individual and the group. It also acts as a check against individualism by imposing restraints on needs and wants and by focusing interests outside the self (Rubington & Weinberg, 2003, p.125). If we look at Durkheim’s theory from a Christian perspective and what he says about individuals not existing by themselves independently and are not separate from society then he is right. God created man to be in relationship with him, therefore we were made to have relationship with one another. If people in our society are not connected to a social group then they allow themselves to be isolated and being alone. This shows that social integration plays a determining factor of suicide. People can be connected through the church. Christians share commonly-held values and beliefs and form strong
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